Friday, July 7, 2017


A few things:

Gwinna's very favorite thing to do right now is read with me and I LOVE it. She comprehends and recalls things at the most random moments and I have to search my memory for what in the world she is talking about. Too much fun being able to communicate ideas and stories with her.  

Noelle refers to Sia right now as Mo Mos... I have no idea why but it is cute and I love it. 

Sia is talking more and more lately. The girls were teaching her how to say "fatso" (terrible! I know!) the other day in the car and she says "fat toe" So funny. Oh and she says "funny?" and "funny" for many situations that are both hilarious and others not so much.  She went straight Godzilla on Noelle and Gwinna's setup of toys the other day and said "funny" very matter of fact and followed it up with laughing and continuing! hahahahaha.  oh this girl.
Calls Avo Frank "fink" 

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