Tuesday, January 16, 2018






December began with house sitting for my parentals:) 
There we are up there eating my mom's trader joe chips in the living room, organizing highlighters and such...sorry mom! We broke some rules while you were gone. We ate many oranges from their tree, jumped on the trampoline and attempted to keep all of the animals fed and the Christmas tree watered!  I tried to keep the fire going on days Michael went into town and we watched ALMOST every Christmas dvd they own! I LOVED smelling a real pine tree for a week. Me and the girls did a gingerbread house😃, had a picnic by the tree, and colored everyday.  Gwinna loves that Grandma's writing tools are all within reach.  Great Grandma came and helped me clean.  She is a rockstar and a robot! She works so hard and fast! Pantry, drawers, fridge, swiftering, vacuuming, and outside windows.  Wow.  It was so fun to work alongside her.  
We did not buy a tree for Christmas this year so I brought our Halloween tree back in to decorate and the girls loved it! 
 Noelle and daddy went on a movie date to see The Star.  
I took myself on a date to see The Greatest Showman and I loved it and I have been listening to the soundtrack everyday since.  
One day after school I surprised the girls with a trip to the wonderful world of cheese! haha.  Hilmar Cheese. They love it.  We had ice cream, watched the little tour video, went upstairs to learn some fun things and they ran around by the waterfall for at least 20 minutes. 
Sugar cookies with cousins. That was a crazy day! One night I felt the need to do a 500 piece puzzle so with some help from Michael and Brian we got it done after the girls went to bed! Michael got it for me at the Disney store for $5! I could not believe it was so cheap. I don't think people like puzzles nowadays:)  
I could do one every night. 
One morning Stanley came to our door with those amazing cinnamon rolls from my mama!!!! Such a wonderful, delicious, PERFECT holiday surprise for breakfast! 
Thanks again mama.
We did the mall to meet Santa.  Sia would NOT sit with him but Noelle and Gwinna loved talking to him about his elves...Hazel in particular is a great barbie builder :) 
Sia's birthday was so fun.  The girls woke up to 3 little elves around the house with their names written on the front of them.  
And the following 3 days were full of more elf shenanigans.
Christmas Eve day was peaceful.  Church in the morning and crab dinner and white elephant gifts with the family in the evening! 
  I tried to build Noelle a donut delish shopkin cake for her birthday and I considered it a "pinterest fail" truly but Noelle LOVED it.  She was beaming about it the whole time I was frosting it, which made me happy.  She is the sweetest, a great cheerleader and so supportive when you need it.  I think we will always have balloons on Christmas morning and I love it.  
Adds to the magic of the whole day!  
We had four Christmases this year...our own short one in the morning, next we went to my parents house (for amazing french toast breakfast), then to Grandma Florence's for lunch, and then to Avo Isabel's to finish off the day with ceviche and dessert.  
"I'm only here for the food." (movie?) 
We got some presents too but it was the best just getting to BE with our people. Also, I want it back. 
Christmas goes away way too quickly.  

Thursday, November 30, 2017


Hiding out in the bath tub with Sia...a wild day obviously^
Harley was texting me and when I told him he said I was a monster and he thought it was awesome.:) 


A few things about this Noelle lately: 
whenever she colors with markers there ends up being signs of it on the left corner of her mouth? 
she loves confetti & sprinkles
she has an imagination...those pillows are actually mermaid tails ;)
she would watch TV all day long if I let her 
she entertains Sia and can make her laugh when she has been crying 

my birthday.  I am 30?!!? A few of my awesome handmade gifts from my sister (Lilia) pictured above.  I also got my very own scavenger hunt. She made me feel loved that day. Also my brother in law (Bobo) picked out some amazing decor to surprise me with in the morning! My sister got me some awesome new lounge wear.  my favorite!!!
And my lovely husband bought me a "Bruce cake" aka the all american chocolate cake from Costco.  

only picture I got of the worst day ever ^^ the day after I turned 30...

anthro & breastfeeding-good life!

I always pick out all of my favorites and then never buy anything;)

 CUTE Christmas patterns ^^

my happy place...organizing/purging/donating/throwing away

FUN llama hunt me and Lil discovered going on at World Market! 
Chaos with all of the kids but too fun!

Oh this Gwinna.  She is a selfie-taking (& apparently people-eating!!😂) character.  

one day this month we were able to go out with the dad^^^ 
business is getting good & we are grateful for it...days like this are sooooo needed and nice though😄

I love these baby girls! I cannot wait for gingerbread-house-making insanity soon!!!