Saturday, May 20, 2017


We celebrated daddy's 32nd birthday with a watermelon cake with coconut frosting & berries. Yum! 

They are either watching Goosebumps or Good Luck Charlie here:) 

Gwinna kissed this window about a million times so I had her clean it.  Spring cleaning! 

During our last few weeks here I really wanted to try EVERY dessert place in the area. 
We got to a few of them: 
Avila Valley Barn (such a fun place..we fed the animals, girls got ice cream and we got a berry pie to take home. So good.)
Lickety Split (cupcakes...not at all great:/) 
Eclair Bakery (really good eclairs;)
Doc Burnsteins (ice cream. good not great) 
Sweet Pea Bakery (my favorite-girls got cupcakes and I got the most amazing chocolate croissant I've ever had....flaky and warm and mmmmm!)
Old West Cinnamon rolls (we got an original & a crumb. Gwinna said "I'm in heaven" and pretty much ate the whole original on her own! So we had to do this place twice so I could try it too;) 
Very good. I was in heaven too! )

On good nap days for Sia I would watch Fixer Upper in our rocker and Gwinna and Noelle played with Shopkins in their toy room. So lovely.

Shots (the before picture) 

after church picture ^^^

Tia Sophia and (now) Uncle Brett came to visit a week before we came back to Hilmar.  We went to pismo beach outlets together, ate Doc Bursteins ice cream, and played in our yard :) 
And THEN they went to the beach alone one day and came back ENGAGED!!

Monday, May 8, 2017

through all the crazy

These girls, this life.  
It is insanity.  
My mom recently pointed out that I need to be grateful though for so many things and she included "bottles and TV" and in doing this she lifted a weight of guilt from my back because I OFTEN rely on both of those things to get through sometimes. There I said it...
There are days that are productive and I truly feel like super mom because we get everything done that we need to, yet many other days not so much.  I do love these little monkeys though through all of the crazy!

Saturday, March 4, 2017


This is just a typical morning above.  
Pancakes going, Sia about to dump it all everywhere, windows open (daddy's already gone for work), bottles of life's essentials sitting there...(coconut oil, maple syrup, water)...breakfast-great part of the day!

A fun adventure to the Santa Barbara zoo and Anthropologie.  

And then this ^^^
Ugh....Noelle had to have a few teeth crowned and it was a rough moment in my life. 
 These babies are so good & precious and I could barely handle this whole scene. 
So moving on...thank goodness!

Valentine's Day.  
I often forget I should never buy anything because my AWESOME Grammy Florence always gets it all and sends it over in her magical boxes! She got frosting, cake mix (which we did cookies with), and cupcake liners (which we decorated with).

Rainy days...

journal in January

I have just purged our entire home. Ending with my clothing collection. Finally finished. It feels good. I can sit in my girls play room and actually focus on playing with them instead of organizing it over and over and thinking of what I can get rid of.  They surprised me with cleaning it today.
They are such awesome little souls. Gwinna helps me no matter what I ask her to do. Poor girlfriend wants to help more. My goal is to let her! Goodness. She wanted to do dishes tonight but I just think: disaster! Because really she wants to play with water. But I need to let her anyway!!
I set up their canopy today and lights. It's a magical room. I love it.. maybe even more than they do!
Michael is the greatest husband in the universe. Today he showed up with baby alive babies for girls, fruit loops w/marshmallows (didn't know those existed!), milk (which we needed!), and dark chocolate for mama! Good, good man. I feel so humbled and inadequate to be the wife and mother to these amazing people. Ugh. I love them so much.


1 nephi 14:14
"Armed with righteousness"
Just always been a great image and reminder. Also cool to think that we build this armor through righteous acts everyday, every moment! When we are righteous we are PROTECTED. I love it, love it, love it!!

Monday, February 20, 2017


January consisted of some MAJOR purging, decorating the girls room (finally), dentist visits for Noelle, opening new Christmas presents, and so much more in between all of this.