Monday, August 21, 2017

journal in June

June 2,2017
Fresno zoo today. These girls are getting old way too quickly. These sweet parts of them will be gone so fast. Sia is in her baby mama phase. Carrying a baby around with a purse too, if she can handle it, saying "heavy heavy." I love it. She is so smart. 
I narrate my day to the girls a lot. Often I will say what I need in certain moments and Noelle listens to it all. She will jump up (even if she is relaxing on the couch) and go grab whatever it is I need. Gwinna has learned this about Noelle too and takes advantage at times. It makes me think of my sweet little Lil sister. Sorry I was such a bossy cow Lils. "Turn off the're closer!" 😬 I love you!!!
I asked Noelle where her favorite place to be is. Her answer: the temple. 😭
Sweet girl. 
My Gwinna girl is getting antsy, needs some school, some friends, some principals office time;) hehe. Not really but..."hey it could happen."
She is so smart and beautiful and wants to help with every part of living. Her Tia Stephanie describes her as a sour patch kid. There are moments that she is the sweetest most helpful awesome chick and in an instant it can turn around and she will be unhappy and going against anything you say...🙄
Sometimes just to do it, it seems. 
She loves reading with her Grandma. When she laughs with her sisters it brightens up my whole day. 
Back to zoo day. 
Sias favorite animal?? A puppy being walked around! Haha. She was pretty stoic the whole time but right when she saw that sweet dog she perked up, pointing "puppy! puppy!"
Noelle has informed me that for her birthday she wants a hello kitty ring, finding dory necklace and a hatchimal?! She also wants a pumpkin cake decorated with a Joy figurine on top and all kinds of frosting creations too! A flower, rainbow, the face must be frosting and of course lots of sprinkles! Had to note this;)

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

journals in July

July 22, 2017
At the moment life seems to be very much insane and stressful. I'm trying to wrap my mind and heart around the fact that I will soon be sending our first baby Gwinna to kindergarten! She is loud and wild and our daily life will feel so different without her. I feel sick. We just found out sias doctor did not get the whole spitz nevus out. I can't even talk about that. Too upset, too anxious and angry that we have to do it all over when she was such a rockstar the first time. Again sick! Sia also has cavities that she has to go under for. Ugh. I know I need to quit breastfeeding but really feel I can't handle that and neither can she in this moment. 
THANKFULLY Noelle and Gwinna have no cavities 🤗 
In the midst of this I know what I have to do and it is my go to. Thank goodness for truth, for my savior for the gospel for gratitude. I need to focus my life completely on Christ otherwise there really is no coping. I also know that if anyone reads this that has a much bigger set of stresses than I do they would be happy to have mine. I know this lot is not horrible. Father knows I get overwhelmed easily but I do know how much I have to be grateful for. 
At the moment Michael is loving Twilight. Something I love about him is when he decides he loves something he is 100% on board and fully immerses himself in learning all about it. He has been listening to the soundtrack, just finished the first book (audio), knows a lot about every member of the cast and ordered every DVD for less than $16 and is so happy about it! We have also been watching them every night together on our phones after the girls fall asleep. I love it!!!!! Love it. It's hilarious and awesome how excited he is about them now. Complete turn around from when he first watched them.

July 28, 2017
So today we took Sia in to HOPEFULLY get the rest of her spitz nevus out.  I told the doctor as kindly as I could that I never wanted to see his face again! He laughed, he understood.  Michael could not do it this time around so I had to step up and bear hug our daughter a second time while she took it like a champ! Bigger scar, 5 stitches but she did so great! I didn't let myself get emotional, I really had to take my mind out and just hold her.  Michael went to Trader Joes and bought us some black bean and sweet potato chips and for old times sake our dark chocolate peanut butter cups! YES! He also had some great news about settling a case when I climbed back into the car with Sia.  So it was bittersweet day!


I just love Chip and Jo
4th of July breakfast with Uncle Tom, Aunt Lily and Remi!
attempting kissing selfie on the 4th while he practices spanish

LOTS of purging at my mom's house this month, results in:
lots of my childhood memories being brought home (dance costumes, puzzles, books etc.)
lots of snacking (wheat thins, oreos, peaches)
tired, hot babies
a very tired Aunt Lily at the end of the day, I'm sure 
(because she entertains, feeds and takes pictures of my babies all day as well as her sweet Remi boy!)
(we love you Aunt Lily!)

Gwinna turned 5.
Ugh AND yay! And ugh again.  I am so torn.  I love this little wild child more than all of the universes.  
She is also just AS WILD AS all of the universes combined!
 (whatever that family knows.) 
 I am so happy she is healthy and growing and moving forward, yet it breaks me down too. 
That is all on that note for now.
She had a great day of celebrating with cousins and friends: 
cake, karaoke, pizza and presents. 
I love you my Gwinna girl, SO much. 

Sunday, July 30, 2017


The month began with our Great Grammy Florence's 83rd birthday party! 
We celebrated at Angelini's again:) 
I eat veal and Michael judges me;) hehe. 
And then I get the chocolate chocolate cake and share bites with everyone because it is rich and amazing!  
Sia was making Great Grandma laugh almost the whole time. 
 They both had fun.  

These girls.  So spoiled.  Ugh. 
Hard to control it when living with my in-laws.  
Gwinna and Noelle got hatchimals on a random day in June. No special occasion.  
I have a REALLY hard time with this 
(but I will vent some other time...I could go on and on.) 
 Also MASSIVE lollipops from Disneyland! 
(insert LOTS of eye rolling)

This was a very hard day in June.  Sia has had a small dark mole on her leg since October and we have asked doctors over time what they thought. Everyone up until now has said to just watch it. 
We were referred to a dermatologist who said lets take it off.  
Spitz nevus.  We drove to Sunnyvale and Michael said there was no way he could stay in the room but he did which I very much appreciated.  The numbing shot was the worst.  
She cried a lot but calmed completely down for him to do the rest.  She is a rock star! 

Fresno Zoo.  A very hot day, 
Sia's favorite animal was a DOG being walked around, nasty hot dogs, and tasty ice cream;) 

Friday, July 7, 2017


A few things:

Gwinna's very favorite thing to do right now is read with me and I LOVE it. She comprehends and recalls things at the most random moments and I have to search my memory for what in the world she is talking about. Too much fun being able to communicate ideas and stories with her.  

Noelle refers to Sia right now as Mo Mos... I have no idea why but it is cute and I love it. 

Sia is talking more and more lately. The girls were teaching her how to say "fatso" (terrible! I know!) the other day in the car and she says "fat toe" So funny. Oh and she says "funny?" and "funny" for many situations that are both hilarious and others not so much.  She went straight Godzilla on Noelle and Gwinna's setup of toys the other day and said "funny" very matter of fact and followed it up with laughing and continuing! hahahahaha.  oh this girl.
Calls Avo Frank "fink" 

Saturday, June 3, 2017


Our main event of May was Tia Sophia's wedding!!! 
That was a crazy morning that turned into a great day.  
Life with 3 girlfriends is usually that way.  
Poor Gwinna woke up not feeling great.  That turned into a barfing incident in the car, but luckily I was prepared...caught that one! Sia barfed next, not so lucky BUT they were still in PJs!  
Thank goodness.  
We all arrived on time. Also, thank goodness!  Michael Joe took one for the team and watched our girls while I was able to see Soph and Brett get sealed for forever.  
I was giddy in the temple.  It felt like me and Lil were back in church on Sunday as girls, I was just laughing at everything she said and of course really trying to be as reverent as possible at the same time which results in a red face & more giddiness.  
Another note: so good to hug Alayna and Eli in the temple and pretend I was at their wedding too! (I missed it last year)
I got in, took my shoes off and asked dad the directions to find Soph, Lil and Mama.  It was so beautiful to be in the room while Sophia got ready and then we ran into Andrea on our way to the sealing room which was such a fun, happy surprise!! 
The sealing was just lovely.  Sophia could not stop her sweet giggle at the end and Brett was smiling the whole time, the whole day really!  
I came out to find an exhausted Michael Joe and hot/crying babies :( Poor Sia.  She just does not do well without me.  She fell asleep on me within minutes and stayed that way for all of the pictures.  Noelle and Gwinna posed for a few and then spent the rest of the time in the air conditioned car.  
I was able to come to the reception all alone.  
Nice long drive, listening to Adele:)
When I got out of the car I heard Rosemary claiming she felt over dressed. Not so woman.  
Beautifully decorated, I did not take enough pictures, as usual.   
Lots of cake, a candy bar, eucalyptus leaves, candles and sparklers on their way out. Oh and fireworks that made the babies cry they were so loud~! It was so fun to be able to chat with Harley and Eldon, watch Soph and dad dance and visit with other old friends.  Me and dad realized as Soph was leaving that all 7 of us were there and "oh we should take a picture Soph's that she's gone..." 
hahahahaha! oops. I love my family. Good day.

A few other happenings in May:

microwaved smores in the house

finished the Book of Mormon stories with my girls!

watched Pirates in theater with Michael Joe 
(our first movie alone since before Sia was born!!!) 


our last morning in Grover..a bittersweet April Fools Day.

Our first day back in Hilmar. 

Exhausting, yet feeling good with new presents already from family!

Beautiful new home we are in living with my in-laws:)
 (our room...didn't take pics of girls yet)

Dates with the girls to Beauty and the Beast. So much fun!!!

This Easter we went to Great Grammy's for a very rainy lunch outside and an indoor egg hunt!

I cut 6 inches off that scary mess ^^^
 (last haircut April 2016)

Jumping on the trampoline with Grandma Debbie!!

On April 29th we threw a shower for the "breed." Me & Lil were in charge of decorations and games and our awesome Grammy Flo did the food:) Oh and of course we had to have this amazing ice cream that Kristen does for perfect! We did a couple oreo guessing jars (bride's favorite cookie) and bingo during presents.  
A couple of highlights: 
Brett's mom telling Soph she doesn't have a high standard to beat as far as making dinner for Brett since she made lots of hot dogs:)

Feel the need for a gratitude post. We are back in Hilmar after a bit of a ride in Grover Beach, always feeling a bit unsettled there. It feels good, right, familiar and comfortable here. Not that we are not going way out of our comfort zones in other ways right now but this is where we feel that needs to happen. Strange. We have always kicked so hard against ending up back where we started. 
Grateful for my sweet little family. My girls. Their forgiveness. Our walks and talks. Our reading time together. Their sweet hands, faces, kisses, hugs for each other, dance moves, singing (yelling really) voices ... the list goes on. I just like them a lot, ya know ?;) 
My husband. His goodness. His desires to succeed, continue living every part of life to the max, his willingness to help. The way he adores his girls. All of him.  He is my favorite, my best friend. 
Myself. I guess that should be odd to write but no. I do love myself. I am grateful for my tendencies, my weaknesses even, my strong body and the desires I have to improve daily and teach my girls to be awesome, worthy daughters of God. 
Grateful for such AMAZING families. They let us come as we please, eat their food, 
whirl through their homes as a tornado, and lounge around being our greasy selves;) I think they even still like us at the end of the day!:) 
Grateful for my chiropractor parents. Oh my goodness I need an adjustment right now....
I am also grateful that our families do not judge. At least not to our faces;) I know that I have been rude, prideful, such a complainer and a holier than thou type individual way too often in the recent past. Somehow these lovely families I was blessed with have looked past it all and are still willing to be nice and helpful to me! I am blessed more than I can say with good, good peoples in my life!!

I realized before we moved back here that this home will be our 9th home we've lived in together since we got married 6 years ago😳 no wonder I love to purge so often!
Haha but truly it has been and continues to be the greatest adventure with my husband and sweet girlfriends. They adapt easily and we are so excited to be coming back, it just feels right for all of us. We have not mourned Grover Beach once (except for maybe the cinnamon rolls & chocolate croissants...oh and this really great pizza place we found a few weeks before we left!)